Homeschooling At Golden Pond

March 22, 2020

It's amazing how creative and giving people can be in stressful situations. Amy Steppacher wanted to teach a valuable homeschool lesson to her children on social distancing and doing for others. Their family came up with the wonderful idea to visit the residents at Golden Pond (from a distance) to entertain and bring joy.

Amy’s children were so excited to share their family pets with their Golden Pond audience. They have two bull dogs, nine week old Louis and his big sister Meatball. Through the windows, they could see smiles and laughter on the faces of our residents as they watched the two dogs play. The spontaneous reactions were even more apparent when they cuddled the dogs closer to the windows.

There was no doubt that everyone had a good time and their form of pet therapy was a wonderful teaching moment for Amy and her children. We are so appreciative of all the community outreach and engagement Hopkinton families have offered to their Golden Pond family.

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