Local Children Lift Our Spirits

When our spirits could use a lift, a great place to turn is to our children to feed off their contagious energy and positive attitudes.  Small Hands Big Hearts is a local committee (getting kids involved in the community) chaired by Kimberly Niemi with the help of several Hopkinton mothers (known as HOPMOMS).

These two groups have volunteered to send cards and pictures created by children in Hopkinton. These three pictures were drawn by Kimberly’s three children. The rainbows and bright colors are lifting spirits and offering glimpses into the colors of spring we all hope to be able to see and enjoy in the coming weeks.

These simple gestures of kindness show the spirit of the town and how, even in this strange time, we can show our kids that something as simple as a picture can brighten someone else’s day.

Thank you so much to the Small Hands Big Hearts children and the HOPMOMS for brightening our day, and for all you do for our community and its children.

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