Encourage Doable Exercise

Contributed By: Judy of BAYADA

We work with Golden Pond residents to encourage moderate exercise. We help them to understand they are capable and can even enjoy it. And our programs consider chronic conditions, physical limitations and reducing risk of falls. On this day, everyone is seated for the exercise class.

I recommend building exercise around things a person already likes to do. When I conduct group classes, we incorporate tactile stimulation and visual motivation. So we sit everyone in a circle so they can see one another. And we use simple apparatus like a ball you can squeeze to improve hand and chest strength.

Having a companion to exercise with often increases consistency and enjoyment. And a regular schedule (routine) can add comfort level in addition to consistency. This is especially important for those with memory impairment.

Another recommendation. I take the time to warm up and cool down. The American Heart Association says that muscles typically lose some elasticity with age. And I don't want to see the straining of a muscle.

Note: Thank you to Judy and BAYADA Home Health Care - Malborough.

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